The stubbornness and experience of an individual company active since 1960 in the field of precision electromechanical constructions evolved to give life to A.F.M.s.r.l., aimed at combining this experience with innovation.

The headquarters are located in the industrial center of Albano Laziale, in the province of Rome, on a surface of 4500 square meters, of wich 1500 are covered.


The Launch

A.F.M. develops its skills and activities, by emerging in the fields of illumination design and aeronautics, by virtue of a marked technical and organizational flexibility.



The constant implementation of the know-how and the tools supplied allow A.F.M. to adequately relate to the reference aeronautical companies and to operate in the contiguous and even more selective aerospace segment.

At the same time, A.F.M. consolidatesmetal sheet processing departments, the assembly of mechanical components and the final testing.



The activity is accredited with the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification by DNV international certification body.



A.F.M. increases the expertise and, therefore, the visibility in aeronautical and aerospace fields, by adhering to programs coordinated by other companies, such as Augusta, Eurocopter and Airbus.
It implements a constant improvement in the instrumentation, with the adoption of machine tools with high operating potentials and by fitting out of a
complete metrological room.

It also undertakes a meticulous activity of specialization and staff growth.

The result is a production process capable of responding efficiently to stringent constraints and regulations, with the achievement of details to meet the standards and performance in terms of dimensional tolerances imposed.

The proven value of the works, the implementation of the testing room and the control procedures have lastly opened up to the further involvement of A.F.M. in the study and preparation of finished aeronautical mechanical assemblies, by involving processes and knowledge which transcend the even qualified supply of single elements.


the Quality assumed and AFM System

The company structure and the operating method are rationalized through customer focus and a process approach based on a “Risk-Based Thinking“, with defined roles and responsibilities.

AFM, through the Management, the technical office and an integrated ERP with a production management software, plans and manages all activities in a structured and controlled way, by including events scheduled over time in an
appropriate sequence in order to meet the requirements of each Client with an acceptable risk in terms of resources and times.

The sizing process, the implementation of an ERP, able to permeate the company (by monitoring the objectives and the level of performance) have earned ISO 9001: 2015 and EN9100: 2016 certifications, which prove a strategic growth plan to confirm AFM as a reliable interlocutor, firmly committed in sectors of high competitiveness and selection, by virtue of a craft but with a strong global vocation.